01 march 2016

Here is the list of the Top 30 startups from over 700 startups that applied to the Amritra TBI PItchFest 2016. These startups have carved out a niche for themselves and can be considered one of the best emerging startups that India has to offer today.

Algorial Information Solutions

Algorial Information Solutions is a Product development firm for capital market intermediaries. At Algorial, they design and develop market data analysis, automated decision making, trading algorithms, market making programs and arbitrage systems.


Bangalore-based B2BSphere was founded in February 2015 by Sudhi Seshachala and Babu Jayaram. It is a social marketplace for buyers and suppliers to connect and exchange information at a global level.


Bend Flex is an Bangalore based company focusing on IP-aggressive healthcare/medical devices startup.


Bookmycarservices was conceptualised after experiencing the hardships the car owners go through for their vehicle service / repairs / spa / etc. Employees / entrepreneurs do express their uneasy situations of taking away their valuable office time to tend to the works of their vehicles. This was one area where the touch base point was missing and our startup is to bridge this gap. The USP of this model is to bring all services of vehicles to just a click / phone call.


BookMySawari is an online cab booking aggregator which provides Intercity, Intracity and Transfer services in 70+ cities across India.

BPI Educational Institution Pvt Ltd

BPI Educational Institution Pvt Ltd empower educators, learning centers and schools to help improve student performance by standardized skill development and K-12 tutoring in their communities through micro franchising. We are an algorithmic technology platform using premium quality procured content, infrastructure and apps to develop and track vital life skills among students.


Classmint provides teachers and students with a new way to take study notes. It is an interactive study tool which aids in creation of Clear, concise and perfect notes.

Dimension NXG

Dimension NXG is an online shopping centre which uses 3D scanning giving a new experience to online shoppers.


E-Cracker is a most innovative way to burn firecrackers with the use of smartphone.


GoKrazee provides a real time engagement platform that produces high quality content providing brands with different innovative way to engage and reward the audience.


Huzzpa is a platform for enabling space and interior design, space planning and project execution spanning into both residential and commercial segments.

Interline Publishing

A digital book stores in the websites of educational institutions. Here students can access and download the study materials that are needed.


Kretrinsight was founded about an Five months ago with the vision to launch a revolutionary product in the market which can be used by Business Owners to manage their multiple stores seamlessly.


Texas-based MaaxMarket was founded in September 2015 by Lenin Srinivasan. It is cloud-based marketing automation platform designed for businesses to automate follow-ups. All engagements are personalised based on customer’s online behaviour.


MediaOnGo is a ridesharing entertainment and advertising platform that delivers in-cab entertainment for riders and targeted and relevant eyeballs for advertisers.

Meladath Auto Components

A Bangalore-based automotive startup company, founded by an R&D engineer Rakesh MK. It focuses on design and development of innovative compact overrunning clutch for two wheeler application.


Mitra aims to bring the experience of asking your neighbour or friend for assistance, carpooling or even delivering a package when you travel, into the digital world. There are yellow pages apps that provide information about vendors, but those only list a few vendors who are capable of paying the subscription fees and there are claims that the ratings are tampered with. This App aims to make all process democratic and have the users share and rate the service providers they have used personally.

Mobibit Soft Pvt Ltd

Mobibit Soft Pvt Ltd helps consumer to have a complete life experience of navigating , shopping , travelling with an added sense of security and safety.


MobiTrack helps Large Companies and SMB Companies to track their SalesForce and FieldForce and Daily Activity System on Mobile.In sales & field force tracking and real-time activity monitoring and WorkForce Management system on mobile.


Many Indians from traditional families spend a lot of time, energy and money planning and organizing poojas in their houses. MuhurtMaza, which means 'my auspicious time' is trying to simplify this process and providing one stop solution in most organized way.


PracticalCoding.in have created a platform for working IT proffesioanls to be Instructor on revenue sharing model. It is a community to learn programming from experienced programmers in more practical way.

Preksh Innovations

Bangalore-based Preksh was founded in July 2015 by Kodandarama M A, Saikat Sinha, Sathvik Muralidhar and Sharath Chandrashekar. Preksh is a visual commerce marketplace and has created a Patent-Pending Technology, which enables users to virtually walk-through their favourite offline stores, ‘pick’ products and shop.


Strike is a mobile first email productivity platform, aimed at bringing desktop class capabilities inside the Gmail app on phone. Think of it like extensions built for the Gmail app. It runs on top of your mail app, and delivers to you, all the public information that you need about people.


Supertext is a hyperlocal service aggregator that helps people to automate and delegate daily decision making functions such as ordering for food, groceries, household products, shop, move things, book tickets, arrange for transportation, hire handymen etc.


Tagglane is a Marketplace of offline stores where shoppers can browser/search the various stores and their products in their locality before making a purchase decision. Using the information on Tagglane, they can then contact the stores or walk to the stores to followup with the purchase. Tagglane is focussed on shopping products that are non standard like Fashion apparel, art, home and living.


Tazzobikes is an on-demand, hyperlocal and hassle free delivery of self-driven motorbikes. We are improving customer experience in self-driven motorbikes market by providing hassle-free doorstep delivery of best quality bikes at most economic pricing and no deposits. With the help of technology we are maximizing the utilization of our fleet.

Toy Mahal Services

Toy Mahal Services is a online platform where the desired toys are bought. The selected toys will be delivered on the door step. The toys are also be rented.


TryKaro is a web and mobile based platform where users can get trial of products before buying them, thus helps them in making better buying decision. TryKaro is a converged platform which helps in companies in reaching out to new users, understanding their buying patterns and users in making better informed buying decisions based on lifestyle, society they live in and their likes/dislikes.

Versatile GharSeNaukri India Pvt Ltd

At GharSeNaukri we aim to empower every woman with their skill thereby strengthening families and transforming the community.


ZORoute is trying to organize the unorganized segment of taxi’s to give a user a convenience of an app from where they can book One Way , Round Way or multi City Taxi at a very economical cost with wonderful travel experience . All this with a click of a button or calling a Tollfree number.

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