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Amrita TBI Fab Lab - Rapid Prototyping

Amrita TBI Fab Lab facilitates the innovators to iterate their Ideas with help of digital fabrication facilities. The Fab Lab can be used to transform an idea into a prototype. Amrita TBI Fab Lab facility includes wide range of Digital Fabrication tools such as 3D printer, CNC Machines, Laser Cutter, PCB Printers, measuring tools, and other Machine tools.

Amrita TBI Fab Lab provides an innovative platform for entrepreneur and startups in emerging technology areas such as additive manufacturing, IoT, Artificial intelligence, Cyber security and interactive electronics.


Model:   Makerbot Z18
Build volume:   300 x 305 x 457 mm
Nozzle diameter:   0.4 mm


Build Volume:   330 x 240 x 300 mm
Nozzle diameter:   0.8
Materials:   PLA, Nylon, ABS

FormLabs Form3

Build Volume:   14.5 × 14.5 × 18.5 cm
XY Resolution:   25microns
Material:     Clear Resin


Table Size:   650 x 350 mm
XYZ Travel:   400 X 300 X 400mm
Controller:     Fanuc


Max. Turning Dia:   320 mm
Max. Turning Length:   300mm
Controller:     Fanuc


Area:   1300 x 900 mm
Operations:   Cutting and Engraving
Materials:   Wood, Acrylic, Fabric


Max. Cutting size:   135 x 6 mm
Rotary Angles:   0-45deg
Blade size :   405 x 25.4 x 3mm


Walt:   600W
Speed:   25000 rpm
Accessories:   100 Pcs


Drill wattage:   550 watts
No load speed of:   0 - 2700 rpm
Impact rate of:   0 - 41600 bpm


Power:  0.5 HP
RPM:   3000
Grit:   24, 60


Power:   0.5 HP
Spindle Travel:   75mm
Spindle:   16 mm


Wheel Diameter:   100 mm
Depth:   270 cm
Maximum Speed:   11000 rpm

Fab Lab Services

3D Printing services

Amrita TBI Fab Lab includes a dedicated rapid prototyping facility with a great selection of high resolution 3D printers offering high quality 3D prints across extensive list of materials such as ABS, PLA, Nylon, CPE, CPE+, PC, TPU 95A, PP, PVA. Amrita TBI Fab Lab offers 3D printing services at a quick turnaround time and, quality post processing at a discounted price. Easy online ordering and shipping option is available.

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Laser cutting services

Laser cutting machine is available at Amrita TBI Fab Lab for cutting and engraving services to convert your designs into prototypes and products. Laser cutting machine is ideal for both prototype and product development. The machine has user-friendly interface offers high quality and durable products at the best price.

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CNC Machines and Metalworking

Amrita TBI Digital fabrication facility includes the machine tools for the precision machining such as CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, Drilling and Grinding. This manufacturing facility helps hardware projects that need metal working to develop a prototype or product.

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Check out our Interactive Electronics lab. Complete solution for IoT and electronics system requirements!

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NextGen Lab offers high performance computing and networking infrastructure facilities for testing and validating your products.

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Fab Lab Projects at Amrita TBI

AMRITA TBI Fab Lab also provides Co-Working Space for innovators to build and test their hardware prototypes across niche areas such as Robotics, IoT, Mechatronics, Biomedical, industrial automation and edge computing.


Innovative prosthetics is a low cost customizable prosthetic arm that can be made affordable to all levels of society. Its unique value proposition lies in the ability of the product to be controlled by voice commands, through apps and by bio signals.

Walker for Parkinson’s patients

People affected from Parkinson disease usually suffer from difficulty in walking under the phenomena named freezing. The affected person faces difficulty and fails to initiate walking. We have tested a walker and prototyped with iterating the design and developed a safe, low cost walker for mobility of patient and help them walk.

Soft Pneumatic Actuators

The large machinery robots require exceptionally consistent actuators aided by soft Pneumatic Actuators. Prototypes for a range of purposes from grippers and hands to micro walking robots and swimming robots with three modes as pick, hold and place are controlled with the aid of sensors were developed and tested.

Amrita TBI Programs

Amrita TBI runs a scaled incubator program that incubates and accelerates startups that are in idea stages and growth stages. Amrita TBI also runs multiple programs such as Accelerator, Prayas, Entrepreneur-in-Residence .

Funding Programs Services

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