30 August 2017

Amrita TBI incubatee Swasti Agro & Bioproducts Pvt Ltd, wins the "National Agripreneurs Award" at Entrepreneurs Association of India National Agripreneurs Summit 2017 by Entrepreneurs Association of India, New Delhi., Swasti Agro & Bioproducts Pvt Ltd was also a winner of Amrita TBI Pitchfest 2017.

Swasti Agro has developed ‘Vaccines for Plants’ and an innovative program– BioAVert I (‘Bi’ ‘oA’ ‘vert I’), for prevention of a variety of diseases of plants. (1) “Bi” means block invasion (2) “oA” means optimize advantageous microflora and (3) “vertI” vertex inhibitor synthesis within plant defence. This program is based on novel biotechnology products (under patenting), which are 100% biological, eco-friendly and sustainable.

National Agripreneurs Summit is a faith-driven Continuous dialog on agriculture that is designed to create connections and relationships locally and globally that lead to coordinated, market-based, community-building actions. The vision is to flourish farms, systems and communities, now and in the future , bringing restoration and reconciliation in a world of hunger and poverty. Aslo to join hundreds of local, regional and global producers, service-providers, students, faculty, pastors and business people who are living, working and serving in agricultural communities.

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