23 September 2017

The first edition of startup hub brought together startup enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, idea seekers, venture capitalists and angel investors on a common platform. Shri Prabhjot Bakshi – Director of Get wings and Microsoft Regional Director in Ahmedabad, India was the technical speaker of the day. Here are the excerpts from his talk on IoT & cognitive Services.

He mentioned that the benefits stand out only when IOT and cloud combine together. Hadoop and big data are getting a lot of attention. Mobile and wifi offer a lot of data and they are the ways to sell these data. Collection of these data will help in doing predictive analytics.

”Certain apps use GPS data to collect more information about the user. This leads to the need of a larger cloud infrastructure. Lots of cloud platforms are available today. Microsoft Azure stands out as the most powerful cloud platforms among these as it enables to store a huge amount of data. Microsoft Azure is 2.5 times bigger than Amazon and 7.5 times bigger than Google. Any technology can be adopted in Azure”, Bakshi added.”

The talk was followed by a Q&A session.

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