12 May 2017

As an Entrepreneur looking for early stage funding, are you fed-up with attending Startup events:

  • That resemble a street carnival with thousands of attendees including passer-by’s and the just curious
  • Where only visiting cards are exchanged and meaningless conversations clutter your mind space and you go home with a heap of brochures
  • Where hundreds of advertisers, sponsors and stalls are setup to sell you products and services while you are searching for funding
  • Where mind numbingly boring & theoretical lectures and speeches provide so called “mentoring”
  • Where there is a bias towards a particular investment philosophy or company

Help is finally at hand. Introducing India’s first serious start-up funding fest. No carnival, no sales people selling you stuff, no theory, no gyan, no biases – ONLY Funding. Register for free and participate in India’s first and only independent funding fest. Stop wandering and wasting time attending useless events and seminars. Get focussed and attend the one stop funding fest that puts you in front of interested investors without the clutter and noise of a commercial event.

Whether you are just having an idea or are an established business, the fund fest pitches you with similar group of companies to give you maximum exposure and opportunity for funding.

A short list of startups meeting basic criteria for fundability will be created and invited to the next round of screening. Industry and financial experts will screen the “selected” startups, go through their pitch and other documents and meet with the founders. Each of these “selected” startups will be provided a detailed analytical report on the “funding readiness” of their startups. The report will also contain areas of improvement and a suggested approach to getting funded.

The analytical reports will be screened by our eminent jury and the “top fifty fundable” startups will be selected. The selection will be in three categories of companies; those that are pre-revenue, those that are pre-breakeven and those that are profitable. The “top fifty fundable” startups will undergo a deep due diligence by our panel of experts and receive a further detailed report on the findings and observations of the due diligence. This report along with the initial screening funding readiness report will be shared with potential investors who have been identified as the most likely to be interested in an opportunity of the kind shortlisted.

On 12th May 2017 in Bangalore, the “Top Fifty Fundable” startups will each pitch in a closed room event to potential investors who will provide their opinion (confidentially) on their level of interest in investing in the startup. They will also rate the startup on what they have heard and seen on that day on eleven different criteria on the spot.

Further meetings with investors can be held on the spot or arranged for the future.

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