11 May 2018
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Jobs from home pave the way for housewives to achieve financial independence.

If you are a housewife and want to make your time productive, you have a solution now. If you have a lot of time, you can work from home. Many women quit their jobs and prefer to become housewives as they have to take care of their babies. However, as time flies and babies grow older and start going to school, a lot of spare time is left with the housewives. There are many ‘work from home’ opportunities available to make their time productive.

India, a hot spot!

In fact, work from home options for females is a mature idea in many countries now. Women who are parenting small kids look for and undertake home based jobs. This is a concept which is becoming very popular and its popularity will also increase as time passes by. With the growth of internet popularity, India is becoming a hot spot for work from home jobs for females.

Go ahead to find your job!

Work from home job providers offers jobs like content writing, recruitment, data conversion, data processing, medical transcription, data entry, editing, copywriting, paid SMS, survey jobs, software jobs etc, that can be completed and submitted to the clients while you are sitting at home. The scope of these jobs can include web promotion or search engine optimization and online marketing services.

With many companies nowadays wanting to outsource their small as well as big work with recurring nature to work from home job outsourcing agencies, who in turn divert to home-based women job seekers, the sources of these jobs is expanding. There is a diverse and large range of opportunities to pick from — these include opportunities with women-friendly employers, flex-friendly formats, partnership programs and more.

Make use of these opportunities and get ready to bring a new change in your life!!!

Given the intense interest in this growing industry, GharSeNaukri a startup incubated at Amrita TBI has come up with a comprehensive program devoted exclusively to women. It offers multiple works from home option to enforce serious, legitimate ways to make money from home. It has become a one-stop shop for flexible and part-time freelance jobs exclusively for women in India. It is not “yet another job portal” but a movement. It is a symbol of Women Recognition. It is a platform for those who have been waiting by the sidelines for years, decades even, to come to the forefront and realize their dreams.

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