30 April 2016

Amrita TBI organised a talk on "The failure of Google Glass" in Amritapuri on 30th of April 2016. . The theme of the talk was to explore the value propositions of Google Glass and reasons behind its failure , thereby helping participants to understand the importance of product positioning and marketing.

Google Glass did cause quite a stir. It was a bold attempt to bring the world a step further into the information age. The idea was great, but the execution and development wasn't. Evidenced by Google's withdrawal of all Glass- related media in social networks, it was clear that the revolutionary product wasn’t performing as planned. Google Glass was a visionary concept, and it didn’t have to die in its nest. Indeed, if the product marketing was well executed, Glass’s trajectory would have taken a different course.

Google Glass is an epic example of how a technologically advanced innovation burns hands of innovators if not deployed properly. The interactive session included videos and discussion about what would be appropriate product positioning of Google Glass. Session also explored the possibility of future advancements in Google glass with better utilitarian functions.

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