28 March 2018

Incubated at Amrita TBI, Dimension Design Analysis (D2A) is an emerging engineering solutions and consultation provider in South India. D2A came about as the brainchild of Mr Shiv Shankar Nair, whose vision was to merge industries with academia and spread awareness of technological development at International standards. In doing so, he wanted to increase the quality of engineering work in India.

D2A has four years of academic services, freelancing consultations and research works to its credit. D2A’s mission is to improve the quality of services provided by engineering professionals in India. To do so, D2A focuses on expanding the skill sets of engineers.

For the past few decades, engineering has witnessed hyper growth across the globe but the technologies and research methods in use are still unknown for many engineers. Even in modern day engineering, many thumb rules are used for designing, mounting and servicing products. Mr Shiv’s goal is to explore the areas of usage of computational resources to develop, solve and modify engineering level challenges occurring within India as well as abroad. To achieve this, he joined with engineers having the knowledge of these technologies, simultaneously aiding in the search for solutions to the problems.

In collaboration with Mr Roopesh Kaimal, Mr Siju Sasidharan, Mr Tittu Varghese Mathew and Mr Koshy Gheevarghese, Mr Shiv created D2A, to use computational tools to solve engineering level problems.

Aside from revolutionizing the conventions of the engineering world, D2A’s convenience factor is especially promising and attractive to customers. Unlike in the past, with the combined power of computational resources and capitalizing on the help from D2A, clients are able to visualize what is happening inside a machine or system. Additionally, they could predict what happens during the lifetime of a product’s usage, all without even experimenting. People can easily do so from the comfort of their office desks. Different conditions can be tested and various parameters can be analyzed, simply by the click of a button. Detailed graphical simulation, videos and contour charts also give visual insight to the engineers in such a simplified manner that it would convince even a layman, with zero technical knowledge.

Since its inception, D2A has grown from a mere academic consultant to serving research organizations and other MNCs in the areas of

  • Automation
  • Aerospace
  • Healthcare
  • Processing
  • Durability products
  • Other industries using the power of FEA, CFD, EMG and CAE to optimize available engineering solutions

D2A has had immense success in venturing into partnerships with many startups, industries and academic institutes. D2A is known for its service par excellence. Customers rave about low costs incurred due to D2A’s well organized structure.

Today, D2A has signed multiple MOUs and other collaborative schemes with prestigious institutions across India. D2A has undertaken skill development programs and consultancies in IITs, NITs and other self-financing and government engineering colleges in India. D2A has also entered into a collaboration with various MNCs as well as MSMEs for developing and optimizing their products and services in view of increased quality and reduced cost.

D2A is eager to support clients in their venture into the unexplored in the engineering field, thereby pushing the boundaries of local and global standards of engineering services. D2A strives to develop the skill set of professionals working in India by granting them exposure to international level standards and tools and by providing skill-based training and solutions. In doing so, D2A has paved the way for change in India. Ultimately, D2A strives to alleviate the unemployment crisis in India, and restore the popular demand for Indian engineers in the market, by producing quality products and services within India.

D2A has proved its reliability by successfully undertaking and completing these projects. Having achieved ever-growing support and confidence from the client base, and a promising increase in the number of enquiries, D2A is planning to extend its venture abroad. D2A believes that they are the answer to the question of sustainability in professional skill development and better use of technologies in the future.

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