10 July 2018
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Disgruntled that the discerning foodie gets the shorter end of the stick on food service platforms these days? Want tasty, yet healthy food? You are not alone! Cookifi has heard you and is here to redress the problem, symptomatic of a larger crisis in the food industry

Cookifi helps people to build an awesome experience when it comes to food for special meals, house parties, birthday celebrations, BBQ events, office events or outdoor events, with variety of food from different cuisines like North Indian, South Indian, Italian, Mexican, Continental, Chinese, Live counters, Pan Asian & many more etc. Cookifi is serving more than 150+ events on monthly basis. Cookifi was a winner of Amrita TBI Pitchfest 2017.

In addition, the reliability of Cookifi’s process and supply chain has lent to its expansion; embracing a wide array of cuisines around the world.

Although multifaceted, currently, Cookifi is operational in catering. By providing seamless catering services for 2-1000 people, Cookifi has bridged the gap between hosts and food services by providing exceptional quality of catering services at affordable costs.

What gap is Cookifi filling in the market?

Cookifi is a staunch believer in serving customers food of the best quality. Special events can often be underwhelming if the food is unremarkable or typical. Cookifi fans the flames of the dying embers of food service. They go the extra mile; not just providing scrumptious and healthy food; but also holistic dining experiences at events. They keep customers on the balls of their feet by providing the service of live counters and irresistible food.

A head turner, Cookifi has distinguished itself by creating original recipes. Proving that their service is indispensable, they prioritise adherence to food standards and relish the use of fresh ingredients. Healthy party food is one of the newest rays in the spectrum. Cookifi successfully balances the act of serving healthy food while resolutely meeting the demands of the populace. Look out for Cookifi, a rejuvenating breath of fresh air on the food scene!

Who is Cookifi serving in Corporates

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