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About The Amrita TBI Fab Lab – Interactive Electronics

Amrita TBI Fab Lab is equipped with a large scale infrastructure that has IoT based components and development kits suitable for prototyping and testing electronic components, IoT devices, circuits using PCBs, Sensor modules, Arduino boards, Embedded computing devices and other electronic accessories.

As an IoT innovation hub, this lab includes devices such as Oscilloscopes, Spectrum and Logic Analysers, waveform generators, High end servers and networking devices to do experiments and testing.


Working area:   229 x 320 x10mm
Drilling (mm):   0.2 - 3.175
Tools:   Drill Bit, Router Bit

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Model:   MSOX31041
Bandwidth:   1.5 GHz
Max Sample Rate:   5 GSa/s


Model:   CXA N9000B
Frequency:   9 kHz to 26.5 GHz
Bandwidth Options::   10 standard, 25 MHz


Model:   Keysight 16862A
Trigger sequencer:   1.4 GHz
State:   350 MHz

Digital Oscilloscope

Model:   Keysight DSO1014A
Bandwidth:   100 MHz
Channels:   4

DC Power Supply

Model:   Instek GPS-4303
Max. Output Current:   3A
Max. Output Voltage:   30V

Soldering Station

Power:   15 Watts
Bit Size:   0.5mm
Temperature:   370ºC

Waveform Generator

Bandwidth:   30 MHz
Sampling rate:   16-bit
Harmonic distortion:   .04%

Arduino Kit

Arduino Uno and cable  
Led and jumper wires  
Distance sensor modules  

Interactive Electronics Lab

PCB Printing Services

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are the most common requirement for any electronic or IoT design and development. Amrita TBI Fab Lab offers PCB printing and prototyping services at a competitive price. Fast and quality PCB printing is available at our PCB prototyping lab. Customers can get instant quote and place orders online.

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This instrument can be used to test varying signal voltages as a two dimensional plot of one or more signals as a function of time. The changes are displayed on a calibrated scale. User can observe and save the waveform signals data and take screenshots of the display.

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The Arduino starter kit can be used to have hands-on experience on embedded projects. We have sensors like infrared, LDR, moisture, temperature, pulse, distance sensors which can be used to do innovative projects like home automation, door opening system, irrigation system etc.

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IoT KITS and Robotics Lab provides the infrastructure to develop products related to industrial automation and robotics. Starting from the basic to advanced projects this lab consists of all tools and kits such as development kits, robotic kits, drones, power tools, microcontrollers, embedded computing kits, sensors and wireless modules etc.

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