Online Python Training Course

In this technology-driven world, Programming skills gives a competitive advantage for the innovators in developing innovative solutions. To communicate with a computer and harness more computing power, it is crucial to learn a programming language.

Python is an excellent choice to give a jump-start, It is easy, versatile and its structure is very natural when compared to some other computer languages.

Amrita TB Fab Lab is conducting an online training course on Python, This course helps beginners and intermediate learners to understand the basics and advanced techniques.

What you’ll learn

Fundamentals of the Python programming language

  • Python basics
  • Flow Control
  • Lists & Dictionaries
  • Functions
  • Data Structures
  • String Manipulations

Task Automation

  • Reading and Writing Files
  • Web scraping
  • Working with Excel, CSV, Word and PDF files
  • Email and text messages
  • Working with GUI

Coming Soon

E-Certificate will be provided to all participants

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