About the Course

Learn from the basics to advance concepts in Python that are required to kickstart your projects. Live lectures make this course more effective and interactive with hands-on training sessions. Course content includes live projects to understand the concepts.

The course is designed and delivered by our Amrita TBI Fab Lab team. Amrita TBI Fab Lab acts as a springboard for the innovators by helping them nurture their ideas through its digital fabrication and prototyping facilities. Amrita TBI is a National Award Winner for being the best startup incubator in India.



Course Overview

Key Highlights

  • Designed for Beginners
    to Intermediate learners

  • 30 hours of learning

  • Learn Python Programming
    from Scratch

  • 5 Hands-on Projects with
    real-world applications.

  • Assignments and personalized feedback
    to facilitate improvement

  • Instructional manuals
    and resources

  • Certificate from Amrita TBI,
    Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

  • Best-in-Class content
    developed by experts

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Course Fee: Rs 3400/-

Date: April 26- May 5, 2021
Time: 4 pm -7 pm

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  • How to interact with shell prompt?
  • Dealing with Data types
  • How to use String Concatenation?
  • How to store values in Variables?
  • Practice questions and Assignments
  • Boolean values and comparison operators
  • Flow control statements
  • How to import modules?
  • Practice questions
  • Assignments
  • How to define functions?
  • How to return values and statements?
  • How to define local and global variables?
  • What is a global statement?
  • Exception Handling
  • Practice questions
  • Assignments
  • How to create and store values in a List?
  • List concatenation and Replication
  • How to use List in a for loop?
  • How to use operators in a list?
  • How to add the value in the list?
  • How to remove the value in the list?
  • How to sort values in the list?
  • Practice questions
  • Assignments
  • Dictionaries vs Lists
  • Different methods used in the dictionaries
  • Practice questions
  • Assignments
  • String Literals
  • Indexing and slicing
  • Different Operators with strings
  • Different string methods
  • Practice questions
  • Assignments


  • How to use Python programming for automatic searching of phone number and email from the block of text?
  • How to use Python for Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions?
  • Greedy and non-greedy matching
  • How to use character classes?
  • What is Regex symbols?
  • Pattern matching project (Project with real application)
  • Practice questions
  • Assignments
  • How to work with File and File path?
  • How to find File content and File size?
  • How to check path validity?
  • How to Open a File?
  • How to Read a File?
  • How to write into the file?
  • File Related Project (Project with real application)
  • Practice questions
  • Assignments
  • How to install openpyxl module?
  • How to read Excel documents?
  • How to get cell value from Excel sheets?
  • How to get a sheet from workbook?
  • How to deal with row and column in excel or workbook documents?
  • How to read data from excel sheet?
  • How to create and save a new excel sheet?
  • How to remove the sheet?
  • How to write values to the cell?
  • How to do formulas in a worksheet?
  • How to adjust the row-column size?
  • How to do merging the cells and unmerging the cells?
  • How to create a chart from Excel sheets?
  • Excel Related Project (Project with real application)
  • Practice questions
  • Assignments
  • How to extract the text from pdf documents?
  • How to create a pdf?
  • How to copy, rotate the pages?
  • How to do watermarking in PDF documents?
  • How to protect the pdf with a password?
  • How to read, write data with word documents?
  • How to add pictures in word documents?
  • Practice questions
  • Assignments
  • How to send emails with python?
  • How to send text messages with python?
  • Project
  • Practice questions
  • Assignments
  • Basics of Tkinter
  • Project Calculator design by Tkinter and python)


Anyone interested in Python

Research scholars who want to learn and complete their projects

Students who are looking to learn a skill that makes them job-ready

Working professionals and freelancers who want to upskill their career

Entrepreneurs exploring python for their product development