• Online Workshop:
    Product Design & Development

    Learn about Human - Centered Design
    & Development Methods

About the Workshop

A Product is successful when it is used by consumers and it satisfies their needs. The foundations of a successful product depend on how the product is designed and manufactured. Amrita TBI Fab Lab introduces a basic Workshop on Product Design & Development for understanding the concept with practical examples.

The participants will learn a strategy to Design a human - centered product and will get to know different manufacturing or product development techniques to convert those ideas into a real product. The Workshop is planned to help innovators, job seekers, and working professionals to acquaint themselves with a practical strategy to design products for their company.

The strategy is important as it is beneficial for iterating a 3D design and testing the prototype with less investment and time which brings down the design cycle within days or weeks compared to months. This Workshop will enhance the production capability within the reach of designers. Amrita TBI Fab Lab invites you to learn about the latest technology.



Workshop Overview

Key Highlights

  • Strategy for Good Product Design

  • Bio-Inspired Product Designs

  • Concept of Ergonomics, DFMA & DFA

  • How to use 2D & 3D product design tools

  • In - depth analysis of manufacturing methods

  • Design & Development in Automobile Industry

Product Design
& Development

Workshop Fee: Rs. 500

Date: 07 & 08 August 2021
Time: 4 pm - 6 pm

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Workshop CONTENT

  • Mechanical Design Philosophy
  • Know about the Product life cycle
  • Importance of Ergonomics
  • Product Development Strategy
  • Importance of User Experience
  • Factors Affecting a Good Design
  •  
  • How to do 2D sketching?
  • How to assemble 3D Designs?
  • How to generate good Simulation results?
  • Different Rapid Prototyping techniques
  • Working principle of FDM & SLA technology
  • How to use a 3D printer?
  • Total Quality Management
  • Functional Analysis System Technique (FAST)
  • Product Policy of an Organization
  • Product Design task
  • Selection of Product Manufacturing task
  • Case study on Electric Vehicles Design

Workshop IS FOR

Product Designers

UG / PG students

Research Scholars

Startups and Innovators

Working Professional

Mechanical Design Engineers

Atal Tinkering Lab Mentors