• Hands own Training
    on Latex

    Learn to write a quality Publications

About the Course

Amrita TBI LATEX online workshop helps the participants to gain knowledge of both theoretical and practical aspects. This workshop aimed to provide full knowledge on Scientific Writing by using even though if the participants don't have prior knowledge in PCB. The content is prepared in such a way that to train participants from zero to mastery.

This workshop will be very useful for Researchers, students and professionals who try to develop for preparing letters, applications, articles, reports, publications, theses, books, or anything of that kind.

This course is covering all the aspects of information to become a master of LATEX, which will be helpful for the researchers or students for their publications, thesis or books, etc.

The course is designed and delivered by our Amrita TBI Fab Lab team. Amrita TBI Fab Lab acts as a springboard for the innovators by helping them nurture their ideas through its digital fabrication and prototyping facilities. Amrita TBI is a National Award Winner for being the best startup incubator in India.



Course Overview

Key Highlights

  • Designed for Beginners to
    Intermediate learners

  • 30+ hours of learning

  • Learn Latex for
    quality document writing

  • Hands-on sessions

  • Assignments and personalized feedback
    to facilitate improvement

  • Instructional manuals
    and resources

  • Certificate from Amrita TBI,
    Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

  • Best-in-Class content
    developed by experts

Hands own Training
on Latex

Course Fee: Rs 3400/-

Date: 21 Jul & 04 Aug 2021
Time: 4 pm - 6 pm

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  • What is meant by LATEX?
  • How to prepare an Input file in LATEX?
  • LATEX basic Syntax.
  • How to do the font selection in LATEX?
  • How to do Labelling and referring numbered items.?
  • How to create a paragraphs?
  • How to work with multiple columns?
  • How to work with Page layout and style?
  • How to do listing and Tabbing Texts?
  • How to work with the tabular?
  • How to work with the tabularx?
  • How to work with the longtable?
  • How to work with Nested Tables?
  • How to work with side by side table and long table?
  • How to insert a figure?
  • How to do side by side figure?
  • How to do figures in a Table?
  • How to do drawings in a documents?
  • How to do mathematical notation in a LATEX?
  • How to work with equations?
  • How to work with list of equations?
  • How to work with complicated equations and special commands?
  • How to work with User defined commands?
  • How the LATEX can generate a bibliography Reference?
  • How to work with contents in a book?
  • How to work with text in box, equations in box etc.?
  • How to do watermarking in a page?
  • How to work with Letter and Article?
  • How to do slide preparation?


Anyone interested to gain practical
skills in Latex

Working professionals and freelancers who want to upskill their career

Research scholars who want to learn quality document writing

Students who are looking to learn
a paper writing