Amrita TBI Fab Lab

Amrita TBI Fab Lab facilitates the innovators/startups to build their ideas into prototypes/products. Amrita TBI Fab Lab will act as a springboard for the innovators by helping them nurture their ideas through its digital fabrication and prototyping facilities. Amrita TBI Fab Lab has exquisite range of fabrication and testing facilities such as 3D Printing, PCB printing , CNC manufacturing and metal working, IoT Kits, Electronic circuit testing, Embedded computing and Network devices. Amrita TBI Fab Lab will assist innovators to complete their projects through its knowledge network.

Accelerating the Technology Revolution

Amrita TBI Fab Lab offers dedicated facilities for various projects in the technology areas such as Rapid prototyping, Electronic circuit printing (PCB) and testing, IoT design and development, Networking Lab Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security.

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3D printing and CNC Machining

Amrita TBI Fab Lab facilitates the innovators to iterate their Ideas with help of digital fabrication facilities. Amrita TBI Fab Lab facility includes wide range of Digital Fabrication tools such as 3D printer, CNC Machines, Laser Cutter, PCB Printers, measuring tools, and other Machine tools.

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Interactive Electronics

Amrita TBI Fab Lab is equipped with a large scale infrastructure that has IoT based components and development kits suitable for prototyping and testing electronic components, IoT devices, circuits using PCBs, Sensor modules, Embedded computing devices and other electronic accessories.

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Networking and NextGen Lab

Amrita TBI NextGen Lab is fully loaded rack with high performance computing and networking devices, which enable startups/students to test and validate their products in areas such as wireless devices, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber security and IoT.

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Training Courses and Workshops

Amrita TBI Fab Lab offers project based training programs and courses on emerging technology areas such as 3D printing, IoT, Programming, PCB design, CNC, Robotics, Cloud Computing, Machine learning etc.

These training courses and workshops enable innovators to develop their product on their own. Amrita TBI Fab Lab currently offers online courses on PCB design, 3D printing, IoT, Robotics etc. Learn and build your own product.

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