• Basics to Advance in
    Arduino Programming
    with Projects

    Learn from the basics to program arduino and build circuits
    to develop products for real world applications

About the Course

Learn from the basics to program arduino and build circuits to develop products for real world applications. Live lectures make this course more effective and interactive with hands-on training sessions. Course content includes live projects to understand the concepts.

The course is designed and delivered by our Amrita TBI Fab Lab team. Amrita TBI Fab Lab acts as a springboard for the innovators by helping them nurture their ideas through its digital fabrication and prototyping facilities. Amrita TBI is a National Award Winner for being the best startup incubator in India.



Course Overview

Key Highlights

  • Designed for Beginners to
    Intermediate learners

  • 20+ hours of learning

  • Learn Arduino projects
    from Scratch

  • 20+ Hands-on Projects with
    real-world applications.

  • Assignments and personalized feedback
    to facilitate improvement

  • Instructional manuals
    and resources

  • Certificate from Amrita TBI,
    Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

  • Best-in-Class content
    developed by experts


Course Fee: Rs 1800/-

Date: May 26- June 5, 2021
Time: 4 pm - 6 pm

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  • What is Arduino?
  • How to Use Arduino hardware?
  • How to Use Arduino hardware?
  • How Use the Arduino IDE?
  • How to Write, upload, and execute basic Arduino programs?
  • How to Write, upload, and execute basic Arduino programs?
  • What are the difference constructs in Arduino programs?
  • How to work with External Libraries in Arduino IDE?
  • How to work with constants and variables?
  • How to work with functions?
  • How to connect with different board in Arduino?
  • How to connect a serial port in Arduino?
  • Introduction to Breadboard.
  • Introduction to sensors.
  • How to do a project for Arduino with force sensor?
  • How to do a Project with Flex sensor?
  • How to do a project with Tilt sensor?
  • How to work with vibration sensor?


  • How to connect and control an LED with Arduino?
  • How to adjust an LED brightness?
  • Project1: Back and forth light bar.
  • Project2: Night Activated LED.
  • Project3: Traffic light with count down timer with display.
  • Project4: Mood Light.
  • Project6:
  • How to connect a buzzer with Arduino?
  • Project1: Play melody using Arduino.
  • Project2: Arduino Simple Piano.
  • How to work with motor and Arduino?
  • Project1: Automatic Gate opening system.
  • Project2: Remote control servo.
  • Project3: Microbit with Servo.
  • How to connect a LCD with Arduino?
  • Project1: LCD screen message display Device.
  • Project2: Object Range Finder System.
  • Project3: Digital Thermometer.
  • Project4: Password Locker.
  • Project5: Shopping mall Attendance system.
  • Project1: Intruder detection system.
  • Project2: Motion sensor Alarm.
  • Project3: Password Entry system.
  • Project4: Gas leakage detection system.


Anyone interested in IoT, Arduino and
relevant areas

Research scholars who want to learn and complete their projects

Students who are looking to learn a skill that makes them job-ready

Working professionals and freelancers who want to upskill their career

Entrepreneurs exploring python for their product development