About Basics of 3D printing Technology Workshop

Amrita TBI Fab Lab 3D Printing online training course is designed for the student innovators and budding entrepreneurs. Participants learn how to use 3D printers to develop innovative products and prototypes at less cost and better quality.

From big brands to Startups, all companies are embracing 3D Printing technology to iterate the design prototypes. 3D Printing technology is disrupting all the major industry verticals such as Bio-Medical, Aerospace, Food Processing, Fashion etc.

It is inevitable for the product developers and engineers to know about selecting the prototyping method, machine and materials. This 3D Printing technology course helps participants to select the 3D printing method, machine type, material and slicing software to prepare a design file for 3D printing.

With the step by step practical procedures, the participants can understand and practise the slicing software. This helps participants to prepare 3D models for 3D printing on their own.

Most importantly, this course also teaches the techniques to get a good surface finish at less printing time.

Since this is an online training course Software, videos and Presentations will be used to explain the machine operations.

Amrita TBI Fab Lab has multiple 3D printers which include both FDM and SLA type machines. This rapid prototyping facility helps many startups and students in completing their prototype/product development.

What you'll learn

  • Preparation of 3D Models for 3D printing
  • Types of 3D Printing methods and machines
  • Printing Parameters for quality 3D Printing
  • Selection of 3D printing materials
  • Slicing Software
  • Machine calibration settings
  • 3D printing troubleshooting and Maintenance

Who can attend?

  • Engineering Students (any branch of Engineering)
  • Academicians and Research scholars
  • Technology Enthusiasts
  • Entrepreneurs


  • Laptop to install slicing software

Register Now

Registration fee : Rs 500

Date: 14 - 15 Oct 2021 | 4pm to 6pm

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