Artiman Capital India Pvt. Ltd

MR. RAMESH RADHAKRISHNAN has been a member of the founding entrepreneurial team in three startups. He has over 20 years of operational and business experience in the high technology industry, including networking, security and wireless companies. Prior to joining Artiman Capital India, Ramesh was the VP of Engineering at FireEye, a network security company that uses virtualization technology to detect and combat the menace of malware, botnets and crimeware. Prior to that, Ramesh led the systems and software development team at Airgo Networks. Airgo pioneered and invented the 802.11n MIMO OFDM wireless LAN standards and was acquired by Qualcomm in 2005. Prior to Airgo, Ramesh was the Director of the Wireless Access Business Unit at Cisco Systems. This business unit was the result of the acquisition of Clarity Wireless, a startup company where Ramesh led the engineering team that pioneered and created the wireless last mile standard which is WiMax today. Prior to Clarity Wireless, Ramesh was a founding member at ZeitNet, acquired by Cabletron in 1996, where he led the engineering team which made high speed LAN products. Before this, Ramesh was an engineering manager at Adaptive Corporation that brought ATM technology to the LAN. Adaptive was acquired by NET in 1994. Ramesh started his career as a software engineer at Hewlett Packard's Network Division in Cupertino.