LAB TECHNICIAN (Application Closed)

01) Works closely with students and startups to design and build prototype/products.
02) Set up equipment, demonstrations and provide a capstone experience to students and faculty for building prototypes/products.
03) Assist in electro-mechanical fabrication, layout and assembly.
04) Conduct training/workshops on Electromechanical fabrication techniques such as PCB, 3D printing and machine tools.
05) Conduct Arduino and digital fabrication technology workshops.
06) Coordinate small term project based courses organized by Amrita TBI and FabLab.
07) Documentation related to laboratory activities.
08) Manage equipment, materials and consumable inventories.
01) Diploma/B.E/ B.Tech in Mechanical/Production/Electrical/Electronics.
02) Two years of experience working in industry or Instructional setting preferred