01) Works closely with students and startups to design and build prototype/products.
02) Read blueprints, schematics, and engineering drawings to determine dimensions, method and sequence of assembly of a part, machine, or piece of equipment.
03) Do printing, inspection, testing, and troubleshooting of PCBs.
04) Verify dimensions of parts, using precision measuring instruments, to ensure specifications are met.
05) Supports troubleshooting of system/lab test equipment and hardware.
06) Operate and test the performance of electrical/electronic devices in the laboratory environment with supporting equipment (multimeter, oscilloscope, function generator, Spectrum analyzer and logic analyzers, power supplies).
07) Assist students/startups in fabricating prototype and products in the Lab.
08) Able to operate hand and power tools to cut, drill, tap, and mount components.
09) Build, test and troubleshoot cable harnesses.
10) Assist lab technicians in conducting workshops/ training.
11) Maintenance and upkeep of all equipment in the lab.
12) Clean and maintain work area and all lab equipment and supplies.
01) ITI / Diploma in Electrical/Electronics/Instrumentation
02) Previous Lab or Industry experience preferred.